The DIY Dock Story

The Parent Company

DIY Dock & Pier Company is a division of Wahoo Docks—North America’s #1 manufacturer and the pioneering company of floating aluminum boat docks. Wahoo has been in the industry for more than two decades (and counting).

The launching of DIY Dock & Pier Company is part of Wahoo’s efforts to address all docking needs in the most innovative and customer-satisfying ways. We try to fill in all gaps we find in the docking industry, and, on the height of sectional docking’s popularity, DIY Dock & Pier Company has been born.

The Height of Sectional Docks

Sectional docks come in various forms in the market—from polystyrene to aluminum framed, and a lot more. Generally, these are docks in “sections” or puzzle-like form that can be fitted together to build varying dock layouts.

Sectional docks are basically meant for waterfront owners who would like a lower-cost boat dock with a hassle-free assembly. Sectional docks can also serve owners who would want a dock for purposes other than boating like swimming, fishing, or simply lounging.

Sectional Docking Principles

Engineered and Established

Wahoo Docks is comprised of talented (not to mention, highly qualified) engineers who make sure each and every dock produced has been carefully studied and well-manufactured to be the best. These engineers have made Wahoo the pioneer in maintenance-free floating aluminum boat docks and the largest distributor in North America and Canada, to name a few. The premium docks that Wahoo produces, combined with customer-first policies, have made Wahoo the leader in our field.

The same Wahoo engineers designed the DIY Dock & Pier sectional docks. DIY Docks are manufactured in Wahoo’s (now Wahoo and DIY Dock & Pier’s) 35,000 square foot facility in Gainesville, Georgia dedicated to maintain a narrow product focus and ensure efficient operations.

The Best Among the Rest

  • Factory Direct Pricing. DIY Docks took on the premise of building the most economical sectional docks through factory direct pricing. Provided that floating aluminum boat docks are personalized and individually manufactured, Wahoo Docks sell through a network of highly qualified dealers. DIY Docks have a standard sectional design  (that can still be personalized via layout, furniture and accessory options) and do not need a dealer system. Thus, DIY Docks are ordered directly from the manufacturer (us!) and shipped straight from our factory to your door—without the retail mark-up. 
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  • Single-Person Installation. If competitors happily promote their do-it-yourself docks built by small groups in a few hours, we at DIY Dock & Pier Co. are proud of our engineers’ single-person design system. We believe that a “do-it-yourself” dock should be easily assembled with no one but ‘yourself.’
  • Quality You Can Trust. The single-person installation system has not compromised durability or aesthetics. DIY Docks are designed to last and come with an unparalleled warranty system. 
  • Make It Your Own. Lastly, DIY Dock & Pier Co. is one of the few sectional dock manufacturers with available marine-grade furniture and accessories compatible with DIY sectional docks. Use our design widget to create your dream dock today!